Mousemat Design Limited has been involved within the publishing industry for many years. The design of book covers, text layouts, e-books, press ads, marketing, web banners, and all related publishing material has made up the core of our business. More recently we have expanded our client list and produced general design work for a variety of companies, including local council work.
Below are listed some of the companies we have been pleased to work with:
Aberjona Press (USA)
Arnold Publishers
Bene Factum Publishing
Bowerdean Publishing
Bromley Arts Centre
Carrera litho
Casemate Publishers (USA)
Compendium Publishing
Constable and Robinson Publishers
Cutting Edge Press
David Brown Publishers (USA)
DLB Marketing
Faber & Faber Limited
Frontline Books
Hodder & Stoughton Publishers
Hopcyn Press
How to Books
Howard & Kingsley Publishing
Imperial War Museum
John Hunt Publishing
JR Books
Kaybec Publishing (Canada)
Lewisham Council
Little Books
MGA Marketing Consultancy
National Maritime Museum
New Holland Publishing (UK) Ltd
Oxbow Books
Palm Marine Yacht Services
Parapress limited
Pen and Sword Limited
Pharaoh Press
Piatkus Books
Savas Beatie Publishing (USA)
Seaforth Publishing
Sibling Press
Simon & Schuster (UK) Ltd
Spellmount Publishers
Spring O’Brein Ltd
Transita Books
Weidenfeld & Nicolson
X:or Limited
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